Avast Free Antivirus 2019

Free, easy to use antivirus and anti-malware software program from Avast

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Avast Free Antivirus 2019
Avast Free Antivirus 9.0.2021

Avast is a free app that monitors your mobile device or desktop computer for viruses and other threats. It won't slow down your system since it's so small and efficient, and most of the processes are done through a cloud system so your system isn't clogged down.

This piece of software is one of the leading in its category throughout the whole world. Using sophisticated scanning procedures, it looks for issues with your device. The analysis of the scan is then done on the cloud. The software also features a function called Cyber Capture that copies unknown files, uses a secure system to transfer them to Avast, and deduces the nature of the file and whether or not it's a threat.

One interesting feature of Avast is that it uses a micro-update system to constantly update the database of viruses and malware it looks for. The newest version of the software is the fastest yet since it requires only a fraction of your system's processing power that it did before it shifted to the cloud. A behavior shield system keeps track of every app in real-time, and if one of the apps starts to act strangely, the system is activated. It won't conflict with other antivirus software, and it keeps itself up-to-date. It also tells you when apps need to be updated for better security.

The only problem with Avast is that it's so full of complex features that it takes some effort to learn all of them. However, once you've taken the time to do so, you'll have no problem navigating the functions you need when you need them. The software is compatible with Windows 10, but it has a strikingly different style of UI. It doesn't take much computer knowledge to be fluent with Avast, though.

Using the integrated Smart-Scan technology, you can speed up and fine-tune your mobile device or computer quickly and efficiently. An Avast account will give you the ability to control every aspect of the protection surrounding your device. Something fairly useful the software can do that often goes unnoticed is prevent notifications from interrupting you while you're playing a game.

This 2017 version of the Avast software is so far ahead of the older versions that users of older versions are highly encouraged to update. The update is free, so there's no excuse for continuing to use an outdated version that's slower and takes up more space. Users who are new to Avast can take solace in the fact that they can try it out without it interfering with other similar software packages.

There are separate versions of Avast for Personal, Business, and Enterprise utility, and each tier is given more features under a subscription plan. Most users will be satisfied with the free Personal version.


  • Light, Efficient App
  • Uses Limited System Resources
  • Routine Updates
  • Free Starting Version


  • Tricky Learning Curve
  • Some Useless Paid Features

Avast! is one of the most popular virus protection and Internet security programs on the market, currently in use on over 220 million PCs, Macs and other operating systems worldwide.

Internet security programs continue to evolve, not only because of changes made to how various operating systems move and store information, but also because of the parallel evolution of malware and other cyber threats. Avast! has long been known for its user-friendliness, real-time monitoring capability and constant threat definition updating. The newest version, Avast! 2014, offers computer users the choice of several different protection packages, the most basic of which is free to download and install.

Online Threat Protection

Most viruses and unwanted malware are found lying deep within web pages, either by intention or because the site visited is itself under attack. It is imperative that a virus protection program be able to recognize malware programming code regardless of how it is embedded in web content. Avast! 2014 Essential Free Antivirus software offers users a simple way to detect and remove this type of malicious content from PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

The program contains configurable detection, scheduled scanning and protection against malware embedded in incoming code such as emails. The more advanced versions of the program are not free, but they include additional protection in the form of secure financial transactions and automatic software updates. The latter is of particular interest, because most hackers rely on the use of outdated browsers and readers by unsuspecting PC owners.

Top-Notch Security With Avast! Premier Version

Avast! Internet security offers a top-of-the-line version known as Premier. The most expensive of the packages offered by the company, this software includes AccessAnywhere, a nice program that allows users to access their own PC via the Internet, and Data Shredder, one of the most advanced erasure programs ever developed for PC owners.

One of the most annoying things about any software and Internet security programs -- as testified to by the millions of user comments -- is the problem of navigation. Some of the currently popular and highly touted virus protection programs on the market have lately been tinkered with to such a degree that users often cannot figure out how to disable part of the software so they can run a system restore or download sensitive programming that the virus protection would otherwise block.

Avast! appears to have addressed this problem by making it easy for users to decide which protective measures are most important to them. Turning certain features on or off is relatively simple with the 2014 version. The software offers users easy viewing on a smaller, mobile device viewscreen, and the optional mobile apps are also easy to understand and use.


High score in detecting unwanted malware

Very few false positive results

Excellent rating for detecting legitimate content


A 30-day use limit without registration for the free version

Low score for detecting live threats as compared to other popular antivirus software

The DeepScreen mode encounters problems investigating unidentifiable threats

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